13 January 2011

fOrgEt hiM...!!!

fOrget his faCt, !
forgEt the love thAt yOu onCe knew, !

remember he has someone nEw, !

forgEt him whEn thEy playEd youR sOng, !
remembEr whEn yOu criEd all nigHt long, !
fOrget hOw closE you oncE weRe, !

remEmber hE has chosEn hEr, !

foRget how yoU memOrizEd his wAlk, !
forgEt thE way he usEd to tAlk, !
forgEt tHe tHink hE usEd to sAy, !

remEmber hE has gonE awAy, !

foRget his lAugh forgEt his guRl, !
fOrget thE time thAt wEnt tO fAst, !
forgeT the loVe thAt movEd, it's past, !
forGet hE sAid he'd neVer leAvE yOu, !

remember he's gONE fOREVEr :'))